Arduino ide did work only with root account

I had a problem. Linux mentality is to use ROOT account only when needed, not in every day use. I had to use ROOT account with arduino ide because I couldn’t upload sketch with normal user account. After several years I did manage to do something about it.

I did find same advice several times, but adding my user name to dialout group did not help. This is from arduinos own page.

sudo usermod -a -G dialout <username> 

After long googling I did find a solution. Old setting file. I have updated arduino IDE several times over the years and because I use ubuntu, my home directory has followed me years and over multiple computers. I don’t know what was the reason inside of file, but deleting .arduino/preferences.txt did work! (As instructed here.)

rm ~/.arduino/preferences.txt

Close arduino IDE before deleting! IDE will ask questions when you start it next time, but at least my in case it started working!

Edit: Also be warned that from ubuntu repositorys you get old version of arduino ide. Download it from pages!

Accidentally webadmin, webmaster? miten vaan

So after a quite many random things I am now looking after technical side of my friend web page.  I don’t even know what word to use this webadmin? webmaster? Well probably not so important what word I use, because I am not going to make living with this.

“Random things” also include things like buying domain name and web host for my friend as a birthday present. Both blogs, my and my friend’s are located at Finnish servers and name of the firm is louhi.  You know this blog address and address to my friend’s blog is  You are welcome to get there and enjoy cakes and other baked goods.Chocolate cupcakes

Because of this I have lately started to read about things like SEO(=search engine optimization), wordpress, google analytics and many other things. As I did say I am not going to make my living with this, but with two blogs to take care, I need to know something about those things. Fortunately with these levels of visitors this is quite easy job.

I have had my own blog some time now already. Both blogs are powered with wordpress and most used plugin is probably JetPack. At this moment there have not been any big disasters, but while I wait to something bad to happen now is really good time to make backup (Oh!!! I almost forgot!).

This is my first entry in English. As you most likely have noticed, English is not my mother tongue so if/when you notice something that is written wrong or somehow funny, feel free to inform me  better wording.

Rakenteluja ja omia juttuja elektroniikasta ja vähän muustakin